Burnout is killing his career

A lot of young people who are going into businesses make one very disastrous mistake which eventually affects their business negatively. They look at already established businesses in their niche and they set their mind on competing with those already established brands. Throwing caution and knowledge that that brand is the result of years of planning, making mistakes and taking risks. They just look at the face of the business and go “I need to get here, and fast” and then they start rushing their business to catch up with that brand. Here are a few things I can say to this set of persons;

business team

  • You need to understand that no great venture picks up immediately. Every business venture out there today, every brand, every successful enterprise, is the result of years and years of planning, failing, learning and getting better. There is no one brand that can boast of hitting it big in their first five years. I would have loved to mention instances from the success stories of some big name entrepreneurs, but those are becoming cliché. Give your plans time to take form and set in motion. Allow your ideas to find the right weather condition to grow. Stop pushing yourself unnecessarily and definitely stop rushing your business to an untimely death.


  • Believe in your vision and keep working hard on turning it into a reality. Realize that innovation is not easy to come by, understand that it takes quite some time to pull through and appreciate the effort of the people on your team. Keep your eyes on the prize, help your team understand and relate with the vision and build. Build until your structure rises to the skies, not in competition with others, but standing out in its own distinct way.


  •  Strategize, re-strategize, innovate, reinvent. Be focused on adapting to difficult conditions and situational changes. Once you understand that growing a business from scratch implies that you would feel discomfort very much and very often, you begin to teach your mind to adjust with the discomfort where necessary. Work on your business plan continuously, improve your growth plan as often as possible. When you achieve a milestone, take note of the success and set another milestone for your business. Aim to reach 100 people, when you achieve that, target 200 people. Don’t be too afraid to aim for more and don’t be in too much of a rush that you set unrealistic targets. Doing this could break your heart and hurt your business.

The process of growth isn’t a smooth road with ice cream treats on the way. There are going to be bumps on the way, there are going to be spikes waiting to puncture your tires. Your attitude to difficult situations goes a long way in determining how you come out of those situations.


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